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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Myth About Your Vehicle’s Warranty

A big myth about vehicle’s warranty that most people believe is that in order to maintain my warranty I can only have my car serviced at a dealership. Service at a dealer is not mandatory to keep your warranties in effect. Maintenance may be done by any qualified service facility or person who is skilled in automotive service like the certified service technicians at Metric Wrench Billings. Keep all receipts as proof of completion, and have the certified service technician fill out the Maintenance Record.

The Maintenance Schedule in your vehicle owner’s manual specifies how often you should have your car serviced and what areas need attention. It is essential that you have your car serviced as scheduled to retain its high level of dependability and safety, to protect the environment, and to enhance and maintain your vehicle’s value.

CertifiedService Technicians at Metric WrenchBillings are qualified to meet your service requirements. Build a long-term relationship with your certified servicetechnician to ensure maintenance is done on a timely basis.

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