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Friday, May 4, 2012

Time To Improve Your Vehicle’s Health

The break down of your car’s performance and mileage can go undetected at times, causing costly repairs. With the economy the way it is, there has never been a better time to check your car's health. Here are a few vehicle checks that you shouldn’t overlook…

                Important enginemaintenance - Check the service schedule for your car. If you’re run the kids all over town, work, errands, etc. it’s probably time for the “hazardous duty” schedule.
                Belts and Hoses - Belts and hoses need to be replaced at the appropriate service times or when they become cracked or worn. These signs are usually visible, so check them yourself or have a certified technician at Metric Wrench do it for you.
                Thermostat – Vehicle’s today with low-emissions engines tend to be more sensitive to changes when it comes to operating temperature. Have your car's thermostat checked, be sure that it still opens and closes at the right temperature.
                Replace air and fuelfilters - they clean out impurities from the fuel or air before they get into the engine. A clogged, neglected fuel filter can lead to expensive repairs such as premature fuel-pump failure or clogged fuel injectors. Replacing an air filter is simple and will improve your fuel economy and performance.

To avoid costly repairs, have your vehicle inspected by a certified technician at Metric Wrench today!

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