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Friday, July 13, 2012

Breathe Easier This Summer by Maintaining Your Automotive Filters

Did you know that sustaining regular maintenance of your vehicle’s filtration systems can not only help you spend less on gas, but also save you money by avoiding repair costs as well as help you to breathe easier this summer.

Three of these filtration systems remove contaminants from the air and gasoline that go into your engine and the oil that lubricates it and the fourth controls the air inside your vehicle.

The purpose of filtration is contaminant control. Modern engines with their closer tolerances, increased working speeds and higher operating temperatures need more protection than engines of the past.

Filtering intake air is critical as foreign particles can damage components, replacing a clogged air filter may improve fuel economy by 10%. Filter change intervals are specified in your owner’s manual.

Fuel filters became increasingly important when it comes to fuel injection as the filters keep debris, rust flakes, dirt etc. from affecting the ultra-close-tolerance involved. Fuel filters should be replaced at the intervals specified in your owner’s manual and because in some vehicles these filters operate at high fuel pressures, replacement is best left to the Certified Care Technicians at Metric Wrench.

Oil filters play a vital role by keeping carbon, metal etc., from circulating in your engines lubricating oil and scoring bearings and other surfaces. Like all filters they have a limited lifespan. The majority of vehicle manufacturers recommend oil and filter changes at two times, one for “normal” driving conditions and the other for “severe.” A typical vehicle might require changes under ideal conditions at 7500 miles and severe at 3000 miles, but be sure to follow the guidelines in your vehicles owner manual.

Sever conditions would include stop-and-go traffic, short trips, dusty, lengthy idling and below 10 degree temperatures.

Another element has been added recently with the advent of oil life monitoring systems that can determine when you need to change the oil and filter. At Metric Wrench Billings we recommend changing both based on what the manufacturers recommend

Air filters inside your vehicle began to appear in the mid-1980s and many vehicles now have these systems that keep pollen, spores, dust, soot as well as some toxic gases and odors from entering the cabin. They must be changed at the specified intervals or the flow of fresh air into the car will be reduced, which could have an affect on passengers, as well as making defogging the windshield a problem.

Certified Care Technicians at Metric Wrench are qualified to check and change your vehicles filters!

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