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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is The Service Schedule For Your Vehicle Just a Way For Mechanics/Garages to Make Money?

So is the service schedule for your vehicle just a way for mechanics or your service provider to make money? The answer is no. Automotive engineers, not service technicians, for that matter designed a service schedule your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini or VW or whatever type vehicle that you may have.

Sustaining your car according to the schedules given in your owner’s manual helps to keep your driving trouble-free as well as safeguarding your investment.

The Service Schedule was intended to maintain your vehicle’s high level of dependability and safety, to protect the environment, and to improve and preserve your vehicle’s value.

A properly maintained vehicle improves and preserves vehicle value and saves money in the long run. Taking care of the minor upkeep and services can save your from bigger problems down the road!

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