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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

High-tech fluids help to keep vehicles healthy

Your automobile depends on the productiveness of its vital fluids to help its moving parts to operate at its peak level, as well as being reliable and safe and if you ignore them, it could cost you dearly!

Some of the fluids for your vehicle includes motor oil, anti-freeze, windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, specific lubricants for manual gearboxes, the transfer cases in four-wheel-drive vehicles and the differential in rear-drive vehicles and power steering fluid.

All of these fluids are specifically formulated drinks for your vehicle and it’s very important that you use the correct type and grade, because they can break down with time and usage, at Metric Wrench Billings, we recommend that you replace them at the specified times in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Most of us don’t think about the fuel or correct octane rating that is vital to engine operation especially in your BMWs, Audis, Mercedes and other high-end vehicles, poor quality fuel may not contain the additives necessary to meet changing elements as well as keeping fuel injection systems functioning properly.

The life blood of your engine is its motor oil. It not only lubricates, reducing wear, but  allows combustion contaminants, metal fragments, dirt and other debris in suspension to be carried to the filter or removed when the oil is changed. Another reason to have your oil changed is that over time the oil itself begins to break down.

Transmission fluidperforms a variety of functions. It lubricates, transmits drive in the torque converter, acts as a hydraulic pressure medium and as a coolant. Again, at Metric Wrench Billings we recommend that you change out the transmission fluid at the specified time in your vehicle’s owner manual.

Lets don’t forget about changing out your anti-freeze either! Anti-freeze not only acts a coolant, allowing your vehicle to run at a higher temperature, but it too is a lubricant and has anti-corrosion properties that assists water pumps and radiators to last longer and run better. But like all the other fluids in your vehicle, it can weaken and break down over time.

Brake fluid is something we rarely think about, but it too is a complex product that transmits hydraulic
pressure to and also lubricates brake components. It also has to deal with extremely high temperatures and
resist contamination by moisture. It must be checked regularly (if it needs topping up leak should be suspected
and dealt with) and changed as required.

Brake fluid is probably one of the fluids that we think little about, but it is a fundamental product that transmits hydraulic pressure to your breaks as well as lubricating them. Brake fluid is exposed to extremely high temperatures and can be contaminated by moisture. It should be checked regularly!

Power steering fluid levels should also be looked at frequently and changed according to manufacturers

Power steering fluid levels should be checked often and changed at the specified time your vehicle’s owner manual.

Windshield washer fluid, well most of us use this daily and don’t have a need to change it out, but to refill the container on vehicle. Just be sure to use a good quality windshield wash fluid for the elements in your area.

If you have questions about the high-tech fluids in your vehicle, please call Metric WrenchBillings today and talk to a Certified Service Technician.

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