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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Is It OK to Run Your Car Low on Gas

So the question of the day is, is it OK to run your car low on gas? Many people wait until the very last possible moment to add gas to their vehicles. Whether because of cost or time or there are even more reasons why you should fill it at the ¼ mark.

The truth is that if you wait until your car is flashing empty before you fill it, could be very dangerous. You risk get stranded or cause an accident if your car stalls in busy traffic because you don’t have gas. Driving with a nearly empty tank could possibly cause early fuel pump failure for the following reasons; up until recently unburned fuel is returned to the fuel tank, the fuel takes on heat while in the engine compartment, fuel is used to cool the fuel pump motor, the smaller quantity of fuel the quicker it becomes hot and less cooling occurs

If there is any contamination in the tank (silt) the concentration is greater with a low fuel level possibly causing premature wear to the fuel pump. Fuel pump pick fuel up from the bottom of the tank, with less fuel in the tank there is less effect of gravity - although the pump is designed to work with very little fuel all of the above will cause more strain on the pump. Many technicians believe that if a car is ran out of gas the fuel pump is damage due to lack of lubrication and will decrease the life of the fuel pump.

Many vehicles that come into Metric Wrench Billings very low or almost out of gas. This becomes a definite problem and is very inconvenient if the car needs to be test driven for diagnostic purposes; we have to take extra time to get fuel.

Helpful Tips:

It doesn’t cost any more to keep the top half of the tank filled than the bottom half.
Fill up before leaving town on a road trip or if you have a long commute.
Use the called GasBuddy and it will tell you where the cheapest gas in your area is so that you’re not driving around checking all the prices.
It’s good idea to keep the fuel level above the 1/4th mark

If you have questions about repairing your vehicle, please call Metric Wrench Billings today and talk to a Certified Service Technician.

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