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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Summer Audi Checkoff List Metric Wrench Billings MT

Spring is drizzling in this year and summer is close behind and you are prepared! Suntan lotion-check, giant cooler-check, books, movies on your ipad-check! You’re already for your summer road trip.

But wait before you get behind the wheel and start that summer road trip! Have you done your summer auto maintenance? You don’t want to end up broke down on a dry dusty road in the middle of nowhere, so here’s a checkoff list for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen or any vehicle for that matter.

Replace your air filters! Your air filters need to be replaced twice a year, so you should do it before your trip!

Check your tires! Do you know that you can actually save on gas by having the properly inflated tires? It’s true and check the tread on your tires before you head out, you don’t want any accidents because your tire tread is too worn.

Windshield Wipers! How many times did you rip your windshield wipers from your front windshield because they were frozen there? Now is a good time to replace them so they work well in the rain!

Brakes: Car safety should be your number 1 priority, have your brakes inspected to be sure that they are working properly. Have your brake fluid checked as well.

Battery: Inspect your battery posts and cables for corrosion and have them cleaned before you leave on your summer vacation!

Check your headlights: Take a few minutes to make sure your headlights and taillights for that matter are all working, replace any that are burnt out.

As always, car safety starts with you and if you are the one driving, taking your family on vacation, it is your responsibility to do the summer car checkoff list. So be safe and have fun this summer!

Take good care of your car so that it can take care of you. If you have problems or just want someone to do your summer checkoff list for you, visit Metric Wrench Billings today to have a certified technician check it out for you. Visit Metric Wrench Billings today for all of your vehicle solutions today!

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