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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Perfect Gift for the Man in Your Life This Valentine’s Day!

Okay ladies, we know that Valentine’s Day is HUGE in your book of GREAT days! We get it! We also get that you don’t want a frying pan or a vacuum cleaner! Guys really don’t want another tie or cologne either. So how about if we share our top 5 Valentine Gift ideas for the guy in your life from Metric Wrench Billings?

Valentine Gift Idea #1-the economy still isn’t doing all that great, how about paying for an oil change or a tune-up for his vehicle!

Valentine Gift Idea #2-new tires make an awesome gift or how about detailing his rig!

Valentine Gift Idea #3-hunting or fishing gear works. Outdoor gear is always a good hit with the guys.

Valentine Gift Idea #4-if he’s into electronics-a digital camera, ipad, new laptop or ipod! You may also want to consider accessories like car chargers, a blue tooth, hi-tech earphones. There are all kinds of really cool gadgets out there that he’ll go crazy over!

Valentine Gift Idea #5-tickets to his favorite sporting events, if he’s into golf- a new golf club or a sports channel cable subscription or a sports hat, t-shirt, jacket with the logo of his favorite team!

No matter, what gift idea you come up with he will love it. You have showed your love to this man by choosing a gift that is from your heart. Enjoy this day and remember to let this man know just how much you appreciate his love for you. And come visit us at Metric Wrench Billings for all of your BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen needs!

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