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Saturday, March 6, 2010

80% Of Vehicles on The Road Need Service

The results are in. Vehicle check-up events at community car care events across the country revealed that 80 percent of vehicles on the road need service or parts, the Car Care Council reported. The overall unsatisfactory condition of most vehicles also reinforces the continued need for consumer education about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair.

Vehicle inspection forms submitted from event coordinators in several states shows that 80 percent of the vehicles checked during National Car Care Month and Fall Car Care Month needed parts replacement, service or fluids. For example, nearly one out of every ten vehicles had the "check engine" light on. The top problem areas were: motor oil, windshield wipers, air filters, belts and hoses, and lights.

When checking lubricants and fluids, the three top failure rates were: low, overfull or dirty motor oil at 32 percent; inadequate washer fluid levels at 23 percent, and low, leaky or dirty coolant at 23 percent. Additionally, transmission, brake, power steering and clutch fluids were also checked and had failure rates of 17 percent and below. Fifteen percent of vehicles had front windshield wiper failures and 10 percent needed service to rear wipers.

Other statistics of concern included: At least one belt reported as unsatisfactory in 18 percent of the vehicles inspected, and 7 percent required at least one new hose. New air filters were needed in 18 percent of the vehicles, while 7 percent needed new PVC filters. The "check engine" light was on in 9 percent of the vehicles.

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