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Monday, February 9, 2009

BMW and Google Join Forces

We all know that BMW has been a leader on the forefront of technology. That’s nothing new, but what is new and what you may not be aware of is that BMW has partnered with Google. True story! They have joined forces, one of the greatest car manufactures and the leading search engine have partnered, turbo meets techie, vroom vroom!

What does that mean exactly, well for starters, you don’t ever have to be without Google! Google is closer to your fingertips then ever before, even if you are in your BMW. It was trialed in Germany in 2008 and starting this year, American BMW owners will now have the luxury of surfing the web, using Google maps or checking their email in the comfort of their BMW.

When I heard that Google was coming to BMW I had to wonder at what cost and was surprisingly happy to hear that it was only $199 per year. Roughly, that’s $16.58 per month, which isn’t bad for Internet services in your car. Just think, when you’re driving down the highway, you don’t have to be without the Internet again! And the added bonus of that fee is that you get the standard BMW Assist functionality, for example, if your car is lost or stolen, it can be located as well as sending an ambulance or a police officer if the need should arise.

And if you are having a difficult time finding the perfect restaurant, you can simply search Google maps for directions. Not only that, if you are up to date on your Google maps, you will know that you can call businesses directly from Google maps. And Google maps is now synced with the BMW in-car navigation system so once you’ve located the business or restaurant that you are going to, your BMW navigation system will take over and guide you to your destination. You don’t have to write down the address and re-key it into the navigation system it’s all down for you, now that’s technology!

Google states that they’ve partnered with BMW because they’re a leading innovator in the automotive space and that BMW shares their vision for a network-connected world.

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