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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Metric Wrench, BMW Repair in Billings MT Shares Some Tips on Taking Care of Your BMW

In the past, working on your own vehicle was no big deal, but today with the advancement of computers, gadgets and gizmo's, you’re better off taking your vehicle to a qualified mechanic like those at Metric Wrench in Billings Montana. And while it’s a good idea to have your own mechanic, there are definitely things that you can do that will assist in keeping your BMW in tip top shape as well as looking nice too, and the things that you can do are easy!

The first thing that you can do is to check your oil. If you check it on the same day each month it’s easier to remember. If you own one of the newer model BMW/s that doesn’t have an oil dipstick, you’ll want your mechanic at Metric Wrench Billings to show you how to check your oil by way of reading your on-board computer or you can read the instructions in your owner’s manual.

It’s a BMW, treat it with respect, clean it when it gets dirty! Get that dirt and the environmental products off your car so that it doesn’t do any unnecessary damage.

Check your tire pressure, remember that having your tires properly inflated can save on gas too! Another thing that you can do is to open and close your windows and sunroof on a regular basis, this will allow for them to lubricate and function properly. Window regulators (the tool that makes them go up and down) needs to be replaced most often on cars that don’t use them very often. So just remember to open and close all of your windows from time to time, even if you don’t use them.

BMW’s are designed to be low in the front and this can prove to be problematic when they come in contact with the bumper strips that are in parking garages. These bumper strips can tear bumpers and fender liners. If you park your car in one of those garages, park your car about a foot shorter into the space so that you don’t connect your bumper to concrete.

Beside the fact that there is freon used in your AC, there is also a fair amount of oil used to keep the compressor as well as a variety of other components running to their full capacity. If they sit for an extended period of time without being used, this can lead to a loud compressor and dry seals. If you live in MT, you should run your AC for a few minutes a couple of times in the winter to keep it moving.

Okay, now this tip is really important, open the hood of your car. Even though you may not understand what is under the hood, most people will notice if something in there that doesn’t belong, like twigs and branches or if there is oil all over the engine or belts are cracked, this can prevent your car from breaking down in the future.

And here’s a tip that you are sure to love, drive that baby! BMWs hate to sit and do nothing, they enjoy being driven. Have fun, enjoy your car, but don’t abuse it.

And finally, know the maintenance of your vehicle, keep a journal. Know what repairs have been done to your BMW, what needs to be done will help to keep your BMW purring like a kitten. If you hear hear an odd noise or your car does something strange, write it down, how fast you were going, all of the details about the circumstance, this will help your Metric Wrench Billings mechanic to get to the root of the problem and solve your issue.

None of these tips are extremely hard. Remember, Metric Wrench Billings mechanics don’t have your car on a daily basis, you do. Staying on top of these effortless things will minimize how much you spend on service per year, avert avoidable damage to your BMW, and keep as much of your car’s value as possible, if you ever decide to sell, you will have a BMW that is in tiptop shape.

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