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Monday, August 4, 2008

Take My Car to a Full Service Repair Shop to Get My Oil Changed or NOT? That is The Question!

Oil changes in today’s world are totally under rated. People do not understand how important an oil change is and how valuable it is to your vehicle and that is why I am going to outline some very important facts telling you exactly why an oil change should not cost $12.95 and why your oil change is not something you should take lightly.

In broad terms, I will do this by comparing “cheap oil change” to “professional oil change” and I will outline the reasons why professional services like Metric Wrench do
not charge such low fees and why you should invest in a professional oil change.

Why change your oil?

"Clean" oil is the life-blood of any engine and changing it and the oil filter frequently is what keeps the vehicle's engine running smoothly and efficiently, mile after mile. Using the proper oil and changing it regularly can also improve fuel consumption by up to 2%.

However, when vehicles were tested during the Car Care Council's National Car Care Month, over thirty percent of vehicles failed inspections because they had low, overfull, or dirty engine oil.

Failure to change the oil and filter routinely often causes increased oil consumption, increased fuel consumption, premature engine wear, major repairs and in extreme cases, engine failure. Make sure you change your oil to maintain a healthy engine. Metric Wrench understands how important Oil Changes are for your engine's performance.

$12.95 (Cheap Oil Change)

Let’s take a look at what quality you can expect from a cheap oil change.

Ask yourself these questions in regards to the $12.95 Cheap Oil Change:

• Have you ever gotten out of places like that for a mere $12.95?
• Have you noticed that they always try to sell you just one more thing?
• How often do they tell you that you HAVE to have this or that changed too?
• How often do you get away with $12.95? It’s more like $50-$75, quick, yes, cheap no.
• Seldom get the same mechanic twice.
• Stripping the oil drain plug because they aren’t familiar with your BMW needs.

Professional Oil Change at Metric Wrench

An oil change at Metric Wrench usually consists of:

• Quality Service—yes, you have to leave your car for an oil change, but this is an advantage to both you and your vehicle. This provides the team at Metric Wrench with quality time to test drive and generally inspect your vehicle. A little TLC for your vehicle can save you down the road.
• When the light in your vehicle comes on indicating that you need an oil change, this is the perfect opportunity for your certified mechanic to check your car’s major vital parts.
• A PM (preventive maintenance) from a certified mechanic. PM can consist of numerous things like: changing the oil and filter, rotation of tires, brake, belt, hose inspection, testing antifreeze protection, and a thorough road test are the basics that usually take an hour or so…NOT under 10 minutes. Many vehicles are towed every day because they won’t start and the biggest reason for this is loose or dirty battery cables.
• Expertise of the certified staff at Metric Wrench BMW repair in Billings, MT to provide proper PM services.

Do you believe doing all that costs $12.95?

Change Your Oil On A Normal Basis

Metric Wrench BMW repair in Billings MT advises drivers to follow the guidelines given in their vehicle owner's manual to select the correct grade of oil and change it as frequently as suggested by the manufacturer (3,000 to 5,000 miles).

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